San Diego native. Brooklyn based. Loves dresses over jeans. 


In my earliest memories, I remember myself writing. I wrote elaborate comedies, I wrote rip-offs of classics,  I wrote plays about Thanksgiving turkeys,  I wrote. It did not matter if it was good- it mostly was not, I just simply wrote. A time came when I decided my work was important enough to be performed. I assembled my siblings, cousins and maybe a neighbor straggler and I would direct a play for all of the parents to see. I was absolutely horrible. I would scream, I would throw my fists, I would fire everyone and place myself as every role and perform a one-woman show. I promise I do not do that anymore. 

Thankfully, I grew out of that and took on to quietly writing. No more screaming. Storytelling allowed me to listen to others and understand what it means to enrich one another with the stories we experience, hold, and share. 

Long story not too long, I spent my studies in New York City and never looked back. Here I have met the worst kind of people, the people you want to know forever, and everyone in between. My fantasies and actualities of life in the city carved themselves deep into my mind, heart, and writing henceforth. The stories I bleed from here on out will be common, unique, interesting, pretentious, confusing, poorly communicated, incredible, but most importantly stories and stories shared. The kaleidoscope in which you and I look through is our connection and I hope to share one with you.